Friday, May 15, 2009

10 people to learn about social media from

I got asked yesterday for people who it would be good to follow if you wanted to learn about social media.

This is a list that could be 1000s long for me. Everyone I follow, am a friend of, read, link to, talk to... everyone teaches me about social media.

But I was asked for a list of 10. Not wishing to disappoint, here they are, completely as they fall from my fingers and onto the keyboard). I'd love to see yours shared as a list in the comments below. More people we can learn from.

Seems appropriate for a #FollowFriday on twitter... (Picture shows Euan and Stowe in London last week...)

  1. Clay Shirky (@Cshirky on twitter) - Doesn't blog and tweet often, but when he does...
  2. David Armano (@armano) - Brilliant for those of us who need diagrams.
  3. Hugh McLeod (@gapingvoid) - Social marketing with menaces. Built on Purpose.
  4. Stowe Boyd (@stoweboyd) - Operating manual for the social revolution. With a beard.
  5. JP Rangaswami (@jobsworth) - Warm, open and real.
  6. Mark Earls (@herdmeister) - Anti-brandist, Purpose personified.
  7. Euan Semple (@euan) - Clue-ridden and blessed with the gift of KISS
  8. Neil Perkin (@neilperkin) - Marketing strategy with chickens.
  9. Tony (@Zappos) CEO of Zappos - A case study in the value of being human on a moment by moment basis.
  10. Alan and Tomi (@alansmlxl @tomiahonen) Seminal communitarians.
Just realised the only people on that list I haven't met are Hugh and Tony. Must fix that.

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