Monday, May 11, 2009

Social media strategy guns for hire

Image of Adriana Lukas from TwitterImage of Adriana Lukas

Good friend of mine Adriana Lukas is experimenting with auctioning off her social media strategy talents on eBay. Now there's a thought.
Perhaps a brave way to discover your market value - assuming of course the market finds you?
If you're in the market for two hours of Adriana (teamed up with Chris Heuer)... bid here.

And while I'm pointing places, if you're in the Cambridgeshire area (which is where I make my home) a couple of upcoming events: Vero Pepperell is planning a Cambridge geek night on June 3. More here. Hoping I'll make it!

And Amplified East is on this afternoon (2pm-6pm) courtesy of Rebecca Caroe.
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