Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Euan tells his own story

The people at Guruonline.com have interviewed Euan Semple (who I'm pleased to say I've worked with in the past and will be happy to work with in the future).

Watch the clips here.

He answers in his own laid back,clear, jargon-free, very human way:

  • Why should businesses get involved with social media?
  • How should businesses get involved with social media?
  • What common elements are there to social media?
  • How practical is social media to business?
  • How does social media effect business culture?
  • What attributes in business make people more likely to succeed with social media?
  • How do I justify social media in terms of ROI?
  • What difference does social media make to business effectiveness?
  • What are the changing expectations of staff regarding social media?
  • How do I get the right mix of tools to help people be productive?
  • Does social media work for everybody?
  • What are the perceived risks to using social media?
  • Is social media just a passing fad?
  • How are the tools changing the marketing message?
  • How do I start on the social media journey?
Shame I can't embed any of the videos to share here...

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