Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My responses to private twitter DMs go public

I got a series of texts yesterday from a number I didn't recognise but a name I did.
So I responded. And among my responses I included my gmail address.

It was at this point colleagues started asking why I was posting such odd tweets. "Sure". Was one.

Friends then started sending me direct messages asking if I realised I was tweeting my email address.
These too arrived as text messages.

It was then the penny dropped.

The texts contained private DMs to me. When I replied to the text it created and published a tweet open for all to see.


Luckily I'm open with my gmail address (it is shown at the top of this blog) but what if I'd texted something in response I had planned to keep private? The mind boggles.

I had received no warning that any condition on my account, re alerts, had changed. Zip.

When I checked on Twitter the relevant devices page said only Vodafone customers got text alerts (a UK speciality).

News stories I was subsequently pointed at suggested the O2 text/Twitter plan wasn't meant to start until August.

Wrong, wrong and wrong.

O2 and Twitter; I await your response with my trust in you somewhat compromised in the mean time.

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