Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where did those 5000 people come from?

Somewhat surprised to find the follower number on my twitter account has leaped by around 5000 over night.
I asked around to see if it's a general 'glitch'. Those who responded, reported no big leap for themselves.
And there isn't a huge dump of notification emails in my inbox.
So, I'm a little confused. Has to be a glitch doesn't it?
Anyone seen the same?
In the mean time, a screen-shot just to prove it did actually happen... (count was on 2600ish last night...)

UPDATE NOON: Normal service resumed, the 5000 odd have disappeared just as rapidly as they appeared.

While I'm on: The 'other' big over-night news, for me, was Amazon acquiring Zappos. Congrats Tony @Zappos
Open as ever, Tony has shared the letter he sent to all employees about the news.

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