Monday, July 13, 2009

Who needs a fourth plinth when we have the internet?

The fourth plinth project on London's Trafalgar Square offers everyone (well, one an hour for 100 days) the chance to occupy the empty plinth and express themselves to the world.

You have to wonder where those who came up with the idea have been these last 20 years.

The Internet is the fourth plinth. The place where anyone (with none of the physical one-at-time restrictions of the plinth) can express as much of their meta data as they wish for as long as they wish.

And they can connect with other people - not just broadcast at them.

The 4th plinth seems little more than the X Factor outdoors.

If they must have a statue, make it of Sir Tim Berners-Lee. But better still, just make it a free Internet connection available 24/7.

Hat-tip to Ivan Pope.

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