Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In search of a new philosophy

Alan Moore is pitching a proposal for next year's SXSW. If you like the sound of it, vote for it.
His 'No Straight Lines Thinking' approach is a rallying call for a new philosophy more appropriate to the networked world.

Disclosure: Alan is a good friend to me, and someone I have worked with in the past and would gladly work with in the future - a true believer in the power of the network.

He says:

The core areas (to investigate) are these:
  1. System breakdown: We are witness to a structural and transformational change in society.
  2. The wholesale pursuit of material wealth has in fact come at a terrible cost for society
  3. Threat: the current unsustainability of humanity
  4. The true nature of humans and the technology of man: their intimate relationship
  5. Liberation Day: We need to examine the various solutions and tools that can enable us to thrive and survive, to take back that which makes us whole as people, individually and collectively.
  6. Simplexity: The digital and highly networked world seems to have created a more complex way of living. We need to learn to deal with this complexity, by understanding how it works.
  7. Deschoolling: Our imperative is to de-school ourselves in a philosophy that has driven us into a cultural, ideological and economic cul-de-sac.
  8. New Philosophy: We need a new language to help us understand the deep context of the change we are in
  9. The no straight line universe: We need to explore its shape we need to feel it; physically, intellectually, and emotionally
And there's a video to explain a little more:  

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