Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I owe it all to you - seriously.

As this blog teeters on the brink of a 100 ranking on Technorati (it was 99 last time I looked... hoping the trend is up!) I'm thinking of suitable ways to celebrate this with you. Every link here and every visit has contributed to that ranking - so it's fair and right that you share in this small success.
The best way I can think of is to compile one huge list of links-out to those who have linked here.
Technorati tracks some of this, google some more. But some (eg) I just may miss.
And at the top of the list I want to place the blogs and sites that include fasterfuture on their blogroll or list of recommended links in any way.
I want to make sure I haven't missed you and get the opportunity to return the favour in my own 'recommended blogs' list (see left column).
I work on the theory that if you're interested, you're likely to be interesting.
So if that's you, don't be shy, please add a link in the comments below.
And if you've linked here in any other way, share this, too.
Many thanks.


  1. Great idea! Congratulations on your success. I enjoy your writing and often share it (e.g. ) with others.

  2. David, congratulations on your upcoming century on Tehnorati.

    I'm only half way there

    I have linked, and blogged you and I also have you on my blogroll.

    Keep up the excellent blogging!


  3. Gents, thank you. And please check yourselves out on the list I added today!


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