Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Michael Wesch on the anthropology of YouTube

I've been gagging to see this ever since this discussion with Dr Michael Wesch.
Mike (who gave us the Machine is Us/ing Us) is back from hols and has now shared his June presentation to the Library of Congress in Washington on Youtube - on Youtube. Big thanks to ServantofChaos for tipping me off.
Fabulous discussion of participatory culture. If you're (really, really?) so short on time you can't watch it all, go to minute 48. Take a glimpse at the new Earth rising...


  1. group consciousness has always existed ... technology is letting us realize it ... if you can know consciousness, you can know where it is going ... get a yogi on your staff.

  2. and if you think about it, does "intellectual property rights" have any future at all? no way

  3. Inspiring video, thanks for posting about it. It's amazing how technology can expose the pent up humanity in us all.

  4. Thanks for share.


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