Friday, October 31, 2008

Alan Moore, Tomi Ahonen and me! At Oxford University; Dec 3-4

All delegates receive a copy of the book Mobile as 7th of the Mass MediaIt's not often you get the opportunity to see both of the authors of the seminal Communities Dominate Brands in the same place at the same time (Alan Moore and Tomi T Ahonen) - and even rarer that you'll find yours truly joining them in what promises to be an exciting exploration of Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media.
Not only is that the title of Tomi's latest book, it's also the title of a course at Oxford University on December 3-4 led by Tomi, Alan and myself.

Hope you'll know someone who ought to be there! Book Your Place

The following is from the University of Oxford's Continuing Education site. 

About the Course

Mobile is emerging as the 7th mass media channel, whilst legacy mass media witnesses a decline. This course presents a journey through some of the most advanced content and media services deployed on mobile phones, in the most advanced mobile telecoms countries such as Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Finland.

Intending to build on the content of Tomi T. Ahonen’s sixth book ‘Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media’, the course provides a unique opportunity to explore the taxonomy of the seven mass media, with an emphasis on what lessons can be learned when newer media are introduced.

The course will begin by examining the overall industry and the consumers of mobile content, before moving on to explain how to build compelling content to mobile, and exploding the myths of the limitations of supposedly too small keypads and tiny screens. The most promising early media content types: music, gaming, TV, internet, advertising and social networking will also be discussed.
All delegates will receive a free copy of Tomi T. Ahonen's book Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media.

Tomi T. Ahonen speaks to CNN - watch the video here

Who is it for?

Anyone in the current legacy media space who wants to understand new media, thus digital media executives in television, print, radio, cinema, recordings industries and advertising; all in the internet businesses who are interested in the future of the web; and those within mobile who work with media and convergence. No prior knowledge of mobile telecoms or media is necessary.

Course Presenters

Course Content

    The environment of mobile
  • Mobile industry ecosystem
  • Digital convergence and mobile, 5 industries
  • Customer of Mobile - Gen C
    The 7 Media
  • Legacy mass media Print, Recordings, Cinema, Radio, TV
  • Internet as first interactive media
  • Communities of Purpose and Long tail
    Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media
  • Inherently threatening
  • interactive
  • Seven Unique benefits of Mobile
    Clash of the Media
  • Print, Recordings, Cinema vs Mobile
  • Radio vs Mobile
  • TV vs Mobile
  • Internet vs Mobile
    Mobile Services and Applications
  • Evolution of handset - 8 C's
  • The Six M's service creation theory
  • Widgets
    Community and Mobile
  • Group forming theory
  • Mobile social networks
    Marketing and Advertising
  • Social Advertising Intelligence
  • and mobile advertising
    Making it magical
  • beyond the obvious with some case examples
  • Shazam, AQA, Blyk, Tohato, Flirtomatic, Cameraphone Dictionary
  • Summaries, conclusions, Q and A


Department for Continuing Education, Rewley House, Oxford
First day registration from 8.30am when course materials will be distributed.
Refreshments from 8.30am on the first day plus two 30 minute breaks during the day and a one-hour lunch break.
The course will begin at 9.00am and end at approximately 5.00pm on each day.

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