Thursday, November 27, 2008

Connecting the dots. Creating change

Take this (via Mark Earls)

"What can we do, what do we need to do, to improve our differentiation?”
And add this. (via Neil Perkin)
"Everyone sat inside... organisations has the leverage to transform the model of the business they are in. When they try, the temptation is for the business to wrap such ideas in short-term ROI, judge it by existing rules, implement it through an existing structure, make it fit an existing process. You don't manage innovation. You need to get the organisation, with all that process, all that hierarchy, all those assumptions, out of the way
Sprinkle in some of this. (Via Chris Carfi)
"There is a transformational thought, a "transforming idea," and a point at which the group "gets it" and starts to gel in the new world."
And... do not relax.

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