Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Centre giving you a tough time? Just add a connection

Via Twitter... Stowe Boyd stoweboyd "When you are a software guy in a hardware company, you are like a second class citizen in a third world country.' - John Paul

Quite. And my response? When you are an edgling and you have to confront any centralised edifice, you can experience similar frustrations.

But, you know, there's really no need to worry. The open network will always prevail. If (and according to Reed's Law, or Group Forming Network Theory, this is true) the value of the network doubles with each additional node, then just by making one connection you've doubled the value of your contributions and of everyone else's in your network.

So if/when you're battering your head against the proverbial brick wall - if you fail today don't lose heart, don't give in. Respond the way an edgling must.

Add another connection. Then go back and try again. Literally: your efforts redoubled.


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