Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Measure how viral you are in the real world

Now footy fans can not only show their support for their team, they'll also act as walking brand advocate - thanks to a QR code which any suitably equipped mobile phone can 'read' linking you directly to a mobile website or potentially activating something to be sent to your mobile.

Footy shirts have always been the sartorial equivalent of music videos - ads that fans are prepared to pay good money for, but this just takes that a step further. All branded clothing could follow. Hang on a minute. All branded products could follow.

"Love my pikolinos? Take a snap with your phone and find out more."
You get pointed at a site to buy from - you might even get a voucher. I get a cut - or a big discount on my next pair of shoes.

That would be perfectly possible if each item had a different QR code, so the vendor could track the most viral of their purchasers in the real world and respond accordingly.

Real world interactions between people account for 80 per cent of all conversations about products, after all.

Dave Balter at got the cogs whirring?

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