Monday, March 10, 2008

Eight things you (probably) didn't know about me

Eight things you probably didn't know about me... blame this on Neil Perkins (Only Dead Fish) who tagged me.

The trail so far goes (so far as I can ascertain...) me back to Neil Perkins who got tagged by Eoan from Thayer via Chris Hambly by way of Dan Hon (who apparently started it). If you get tagged, leave some breadcrumbs...

So here's 8 random snippets about me.

1. I support Leeds United FC. There is no locational or familial reason for this. I simply thought they were the underdogs in the 1972 Fa Cup final... they won and I've backed them ever since.

2. I used to turn up to work with long, crimped hair (chance would be a fine thing now)

3. I read philosophy and sociology at university. Sat the wrong exam thanks to an admin mistake at the end of my second year... and got a 2:2 in a subject I hadn't studied. Hmmm.

4. I hold a RoSPA Diploma in the tuition of advanced motorcycle riding.

5. I was lead singer, guitarist, idiot in a series of zero-success rock bands in the early 80s. Some memorable names: Kamikaze Moth, Earth City Survivors, Totally Impossible er, I think that's it.
There is a cartoon accompanying of one of the very badly recorded songs available on the internet. And if you think I'm pointing you at that...

6. Started my 'journalistic' career with a fanzine about David Bowie called Hunky Dory. Professionally it was with the Biggleswade Chronicle.

7. I have (essentially) worked for the same company since I left university in 1987.

8. I genuinely can't believe you were interested enough to read this far.

And so, I nominate the following eight:









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