Friday, May 09, 2008

MeM Cannes: Who are you innovating for?

zeemote won two awards at last night's meffys. It's a really trixy bit of tech which functions as a wireless control through which to play games on your mobile phone.

Not exactly part of the thrust towards the converged device then.

I can imagine it selling well – and then being left gathering dust on shelves as it gets constantly forgotten or thought of as just a little too much clutter to carry. At least I can see that scenario in the wealthy west.

But. What if you don't own a games console? What if you don't own a lap top? What if you have no pc?

There are vast tracts of the world for whom the mobile phone will be the user's first contact with the game playing experience.

Considering that reminds me how easy it is to focus on the needs of the people around you when considering innovation. There are very many more opportunities just over your horizon.

More from Cannes Mobile Entertainment Market later.

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