Friday, June 06, 2008

Nominate the Rock Stars of Web2.0

I'm trying to compile a list of the most influential/interesting people of the world of web2.0. Define 'the Rock Stars of web2.0' how you like, I'm sure you'll have some thoughts.

I've been batting around a few suggestions to start the list with my buddy badgergravling.
But we are only scratching the surface now it's over to you.

The list will be featured on the new*- where the community will get to vote on your suggestions, creating a ranking from 1-50 (ish?).

Don't go looking for the list there yet, it won't be live. There's plenty of other lists you might like though, and you're welcome to go browse and do that early adopter thang to your hearts content! You will find a blog post about it.

So below you'll find the Rock Stars of Web2.0 list we're starting with. If we've missed one of your personal 2.0 rock stars, now is the time to add them (as a comment, and include links if possible).

I'll keep updating the proto-list as we go.

And if there's someone on there you really think shouldn't be, say so!

Rock Stars of alphabetical order - until you intervene!

*Disclosure: is a Bauer Consumer Media project and I work for Bauer Consumer Media.

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