Tuesday, June 03, 2008

WidgetWebExpo: Meet up and pitch me!

WidgetWebExpo (NYC, June 16-17) organiser Ivan Pope is calling together speakers, conference goers and anyone else interested in the widgety world for either a widgety breakfast and/or evening get together on Sunday June 15 in New York.

I'll be adding a link for updates (locations, timings etc) to this asap. In the meantime tell Ivan Pope you'd like to join in. If you're particularly interested in hooking up with me; gmail me: davidpcushman AT gmail DOT com.

I'm speaking at WidgetWebExpo (I' ve sneaked in alongside a stellar line-up including Stephanie Agresta, David Armano, Josh Bernoff, Stowe Boyd, Marc Canter, Chris Cunningham Kris Loux, David Malouf, Ivan himself, Hooman Radfar, Steve Rubel, Ian Schafer, Fred Wilson... frankly too many to name here (so go here for the full list)

While I'm in NYC for the conference, I'm also particularly interested in meeting you if you've got widgets/application proposals or pitches you think might work with the brands I work with.

My particular focus is on our specialist media brands, but if you have a stunner for any other parts of the business I want to hear from you, too.

And if you just want to say hi, that's fine too.

I'm arriving Saturday (June 14) late afternoon and leaving right after the conference closes on the Tuesday June 17.

In between I'll be staying at the conference venue - so come get me!
Contact stuff is on this blog.


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