Monday, June 30, 2008

Why traditional advertising won't work in social networks - and what will

Finally got round to doing a slidedeck which I hope graphically demonstrates why traditional ad models are bound to fail in social networks.
It also illustrates the ways messages ought to be released into the wild if you expect them to survive (succeed) in a group-forming environment.
Of course, we don't just form groups in the digital world, but the internet is a more rapidly enabling environment on a global scale than most physical ones. But the two are coming together.

Further inspirational reading:
Here Comes Everybody (now only £8 gah!),
Everything is Miscellaneous.

David Armano
Legendary 'visuals' dude Dave Armano tweeted of this slideshow: Armano @davidcushman nice visuals. Like the happy faces. Social networks are made of shiny happy people (holding hands)...
Who said Americans couldn't do irony?

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