Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Interesting turn for blogging.

This site has been around for a few weeks now, and is an interesting novelty in blogging.

Rather than you writing your blog about playing video games etc, now your games console can blog for you... It will comment on the games it's played, and whether you've been ignoring it, etc...

Although at the moment it's a relative novelty item, and only of interest for gamers, it does raise an issue which I've been debating....namely I've got 6 email addresses, five blogs, about 10 social networking profiles, etc....

The next evolution (if anyone says web 3.0 I'll kick them in the knackers) surely has to be a centralised database which fills in all the main socail networks from one site, all the blogs etc... It's a model which Google uses with one log in to email, blog here, and doubtless will be used for future Youtube applications...

Anyway, to read what Xbox 360s are up to: http://www.360voice.com
And as an example, I'll use someone elses, so I don't get caught playing games on my day off:

As a learned colleague frequently says..."One day the geek will inherit the google earth"


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