Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Famous for 15 minutes? Famous for 15 people is better...

A mate of mine rang me last night (mobile-to-mobile even though we were in our own homes... see below etc etc...).
He told me he'd been spotted in the street. His claim to fame? An 11-year-old lad had seen him on YouTube.
Now, this mate of mine ain't LonelyGirl15! The video the lad had spotted has been viewed a grand total of 244 times since early July. It's an obscure bit of nonsense filmed in a pub.
But the content ain't the interesting bit here - it's the reaction. The lad had probably been looking for videos from his home town - because that's what interests him. Low viewing numbers (on YouTube or anywhere else for that matter) are clearly irrelevant - a handful of engaged viewers must have much more value.
Classified video ads anyone?
Land Rover Owner (0ne of the brands I'm currently working with) has clicked up 80,000 views of its videos in the last few months. They've never been featured, none has huge individual viewing numbers - but I bet they've all been found by people specifically looking for Land Rovers - exactly who these videos were aimed for.
Briefly - this is just one more example of the ever-growing body of evidence that big viewing numbers aren't the all-important measure they once were. Engagement through self-selection (by search, platform, niche brand etc) is where growing response (with real value) lies.


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