Thursday, October 12, 2006

The revolution will be televised

Bowing to the notion that video-snacking is now a preferred mode of media consumption for many... here's some clips (and each is very short) of Alan Moore interviewed before a Hewlett-Packard-hosted conference in Rome.
Listen out in particular for how dominant peer-to-peer communications are on the internet now. Quite a revelation!
Can't recall which clip it is on, but watching them all won't take long!
Alan Moore is one of the authors of Communities Dominate Brands - and comes complete with both insight and real world examples on a regular basis on his own blog (see recommended blogs).
But if you haven't got time to read reams; watch these clips and you'll get a taste (a video snack, indeed) of how he thinks. Our thanks to for putting the clips on YouTube.
Oh, and btw Alan, we've been using for the past 3 or so months (he refers to it as a company that has grown without marketing).

Who is Alan Moore?

What are his interests?

What key changes are happening now?

Define Web2.0

What opportunities does social networking present for business?

Do you need big bucks to make a big bang?

How fast can businesses grow now?

Opportunities for traditional media companies

Does Web2.0 mean Business2.0?

Key advice to managers in traditional media businesses.

Any guesses who the fifth company is?

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