Monday, October 23, 2006

Social Networking on mobile - Ker-ching!

For those who still don't subscribe to the notion that mobile-is-king for social networking,
take a look at this; from Communities Dominate Brands:
I think the word I'm looking for is Ker-ching!
For those who just love this blog so much that they simply won't click the links...

Here's the core bit:

"...3.45 Billion dollars this year ! Wow. A bit of context:

  • All of iTunes revenues last year were about 400 million dollars.
  • TV-interactivity (voting for Big Brother, Survivor Island, Pop Idol etc) were worth 900 million dollars.
  • Internet gaming revenues, all multiplayer games etc, were worth 1.9 billion dollars. All internet adult site revenues were worth 2.5 billion dollars in 2005.
  • Two years ago - when we were researching our book, the total value of mobile digital community services was well below 200 million dollars.

Today in 2006, the total value of mobile digital community services is 3.45 billion dollars. Wow. That is a true explosion in revenues. Oh, just to be clear - that mobile digital content revenue is more than all (non-mobile phone based) online social networking revenues combined. In only two years, the mobile side of digital communities has shot ahead of the online world. Amazing!"

And here's a bit of the 'how':

"The two biggest reasons for this incredible number - are the interest for the mobile telecoms industry to capture the "MySpace and YouTube" type of experience - so very many operators have launched social networking services. But differing from the online world, EVERY mobile digital community delivers actual user revenues from day one - totally differing from most online (ie internet based) services which mostly depend on building a large community and then selling advertising to them."

From Tomi T Ahonen on Communities Dominate Brands

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