Thursday, November 23, 2006

Netservices positive step...

It's not often I get the chance to be happy...hence my pseudonym...

But following the recent V21/Netservices problem, at least Netservices have made themselves heroes in some way by reinstating broadband for all affected customers until the mass cease order comes into effect

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22/Nov/2006 - 18:00 - Statement and FAQ Updates

NetServices offer Biscit CSP customers free internet access.*

NetServices is providing this statement as an update to recent announcements it has made regarding the contractual dispute between itself and Biscit CSP (trading as V Two One) which resulted in the termination of broadband services provided to Biscit CSP.

NetServices confirms earlier statements that it will cease broadband services on the telephone lines of all Biscit CSP customers who have not taken up the alternative provided by ezeeDSL on Friday 24th November 2006.

NetServices believes the steps it took to make available an alternative supplier was a better option than simply immediately terminating all lines – as it could have done. We would again re-iterate that given the numbers of customers affected it was not possible to generate MAC codes on such a large scale, leaving aside its stated policy on the subject.

NetServices has dealt with an unprecedented level of calls and emails over the last week from Biscit CSP customers, due in a large part to Biscit CSP’s lack of responsiveness. This has impacted on the day to day running of our business and involved significant resource and cost on our part. NetServices has taken the decision to provide all Biscit CSP customers (who have not signed up with ezeeDSL) with free internet access. This cost of the service will be covered by NetServices. A bulk cease on all Biscit CSP end users is being put through on the Nov 24th. *To re-iterate from today until these ceases take effect all Biscit CSP customers will have free broadband.

As well as allowing our business to get back to normal this action will ease the disruption to the end users.

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