Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Optimising for mobile: The time is NOW!

It occurs to me that optimising your website for mobile NOW has to offer significant strategic advantage.

Since mobile will become the primary access point for the internet within two years (probably less post 3's announcement of fixed-price 3G internet access last week) then it follows that those users arriving on the mobile web will prefer (and fall in long term love with) the first sites they find on the subjects they are interested in AND which are best optimised for the mobile user experience.

Brand will give you a head start - but if you offer a poor user experience (by not being optimised for mobile) then bye bye! Your user is off to find someone offering what you've got - on a mobile-optimised site.

We are in an internet ground zero situation.

Imagine being able to be at the start of the internet revolution knowing all that you know now. You are in that position now - if you recognise the mobile internet opportunity and move fast.

The alternative is to repeat the mistakes of sitting, watching, and following too late. The alternative is unthinkable.

eBay is already there, google is already there, yahoo is already there, microsoft is already there.

Where are you?


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