Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seth Godin joins the call for human interaction

Fantastic. Seth Godin says what David Armano, Mark Earls, Jackie Danicki and myself have been banging on about for not a little while.

(Seth Godin, the first law of mass media)

One by one, the mass marketers have insisted on robocalling, spamming, jingling and lying their way into our lives. The pronoun morphs from "you" to "me" to "us" to "the corporation" ...

The public works tirelessly to flee to actual interactions between real people, and our organizations work even more diligently (and with more leverage) to corporatize and anonymize the interactions.

The irony, of course, is that an organization with guts can go in the opposite direction and win. Image by Steam Talks via flickr

It's that last line that should be getting your action hands twitching.


  1. btw, does anyone else see an irony in the fact that you can't have a human interaction with Seth on his blog (ie you can't comment)

  2. Meryl Steinberg (meryl333)8/27/2008 2:44 pm

    It disturbed me to watch the sustainability movement morph from "you" to "me" to "us" to "the corporation" with it's internal emphasis on bottom line instead of the triple bottom line. The NetGen brings with it the hope that web connection,collaboration, and cooperation will revitalize companies, communities and countries to the benefit of us all.

    PS. Your entry is evidence to the fact that when *Seth Speaks* it is all over the place for us to comment... glad you posted it.

  3. Thanks for commenting Meryl. I get Seth's general strategy (if you want to comment on my stuff, you'd best post about it first). It's a great distribution method. BUT it is at odds with the human interaction ideal of this particular post. Unless of course Seth intends to gallop around the internet commenting everywhere it gets pasted and posted :-)


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