Monday, August 04, 2008

Testing qik live from a glider!

I've been playing with qik recently as anyone who has caught any videos from me will know.
Qik allows you to broadcast live streaming video from your mobile phone. There's usually a small delay before it'll appear in my live channel (see latest from the channel below) but it's close to live.

This evening from 6.30pm (UK, BST) I'm going gliding - and I'm taking my mobile and qik with me. I managed to broadcast on just a couple of bars of 2G signal recently from a forest in Norfolk. I reckon hundreds of feet above the Cambridgeshire countryside should offer an even tougher challenge! Here's what I've written about qik before.

UPDATE The rather disappointing outcome appears below:


  1. very cool to watch these video fragments in real time... now, tomorrows assignment, please tell how it went from you to qik to your blog, all whilst you are in the air

    can't get much more leading edge than this, top of techmeme is the fitting place for this

  2. David, you can still record with Qik even when your phone is not connected to any network. Qik just pushes the footage upstream once you are connected. Yes, you miss out on the live element, but at least you still have the video captured.

  3. thanks Jackie, think my n73 has had it. Luckily (? see today's post) just got my iphone.


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