Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Surprise surprise! Social media is everywhere people are

Two new reports come to my attention today. They strike me as offering just the kind of ammunition you may need if you are battling to make the case for social media while those around you persist in reaching for their telephone directories...

1. How associations are using social technologies.
This is from Principled Innovation (via Chris Carfi)

2. Social Media in the enterprise (in the inc.500, actually)
Looking at its growth in corporations (via Alan Moore)

Bottom line: Social media is getting everywhere. (image by victoriapeckham via flickr)

Oddly enough, that's because people are everywhere.
And everywhere people are they will form groups, disintermediate and disrupt.

Choices? Join in their journeys or be an obstacle they will overcome.


  1. Social media is seeping into the enterprise because, surprise, surprise, people genuinely want to get their job done. And they are used to tools and technologies which are readily available at home but firewalled in the office. This is one of the fascinating disruptions that will change the way we all work ... maybe not right now, but in the next five years. Just hope I can be so patient ;)

  2. Gavin, so true. Can't get my office email on my mobile so i use gmail. No one using the intranet, so we connect on facebook etc etc.



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