Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are you socially minded?

Socially Minded is a new group blog from people with a mind for social media, living and/or working in and around Cambridge, UK.
We figure it should make for a great collection of thoughts (fed, as it is from this blog (I live in Huntingdon, Cambs), Communities Dominate Brands (Alan Moore lives in a village near Cambridge), Dan Thornton's (resident in Peterborough), Rebecca Caroe's (another Cambridgeshire village resident) and host Matt Brazil (from Cambourne).
We come from backgrounds in pr, marketing, futurology, advertising, publishing, consulting, communities, editorial and more.
Socially Minded creates an online intersection for us - a place to aggregate and share.

Hope you'll share in the discoveries.

There are, of course, many, many group blogs. What I like about this, what makes it a little different, is that it brings together people both digitally and physically.
Though we're not being entirely exclusive about the Cambridgeshire thing, it does provide a focus - a hub for further possibilities.
An interesting space to explore.


  1. I'm London based but I'm glad you have formed a UK social media hub as I find most of the blogs I am reading are from the US.

  2. Hi Samina, liked your blog, btw. There's loads of good brits blogging on social media. Many appear in my recommended list (left). Stay in touch. There's always room for guests.


  3. Thanks David! :) Will spend my Sunday afternoon working my way through your list.

    Regarding your post with The Mash-Ups video, it is amazing! Sometimes I feel that my internet usage leaves my brain fried from information overload. What a blessing it would be to be able to sift through and connect information in that way.


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