Friday, August 22, 2008

The more you control, the less you control

I've been thinking about how messages are spread in the networked world, how our connectivity, our group-forming nature, finds ways around control and mediation of all forms. And how going with this flow rather than working against it is more likely to result in 'your' message (it becomes theirs the moment you let go) being passed on.

Much of that is illustrated in this post, and in this slidedeck.

This doesn't just apply to messages, of course, but to anything that becomes over processed. Where the intention is control, the result is often the opposite. (image via flickr by Mike McHolm)

Those who feel confined, restricted, halted by those controls and structures simply work around them. There are lessons for companies, government, education and more in this.

Anyone who has adapted to living in the network won't stop doing what they want to do, they just won't do it with you.


  1. Excellent slidedeck. I've emailed the URL around our social media team already ... and, hehe, just named a project we've just started working on 'Project Cushy'.

  2. Blown away by having a project named after me. Andrew, you have to drop me an email to explain a bit more!

    Big thanks for the kindness. dc


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