Wednesday, January 28, 2009


"...the majority of Twitter is PRs, journos and indos... not playing any more, sorry." - LittleBoots

It does sometimes feel like that.

Pity littleboots didn't hang around a little longer and follow a few more back - she might have found a little more value in the connections.

I can't believe the 63,000+ people following @stephenfry are all PRs and journos, for example.

Lord I hope not...
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  1. If you view Twitter from the surface or the sidelines without really engaging - it must just seem silly or mostly industry people. But, the insights, secret side doors to people, access to breaking news faster than any 24-Hour news channel and on and on.

    As discussed with a VC here in Hamburg recently - even sans-revenue model (yet), this is the company I'd choose over any to own a chunk of.

  2. LittleBoots seems like an idiot - why only follow 10 of the 110 people that follow you? Stephen Fry used to automoatically follow all of the people who followed him, but he stopped after following about 30,000. His twitter screen must just be a blur.
    Incidentally SF is the true king of twitter. >80,000 followers this morning, presumably boosted by his BBC video, and only Kevin Rose has more followers (I discount CNN breaking news, and Obama, since he doesn't do it himself).
    Looking forward to celebrating SF being the most popular twitter user; such a stark contrast to Tila Tequila being the most popular MySpace user! Do the math(s).


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