Monday, January 26, 2009

Three great things filtered, discovered and delivered to me, by you

My social Network on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter...Image by luc legay via FlickrHuman-powered search never ceases to amaze me.

It brings things to me I never knew I needed to know, with incredible accuracy.

In the days before always-on real-time access, there was an element of patience involved.

It was hard to conceive of the global phone-a-friend as a true competitor to the I-need-an-answer-now nature of algorithmic search.

But the more connected we become, with more relevant people (ad hoc real-time self-forming communities of purpose) the more competitive we become. We regularly beat the machine.

Ask a relevant question of your community of purpose and you'll more often than not be more satisfied with the result of that vs google.

Indeed because the content people share Is great metadata about themselves, as is the people they share with, We get better and better at finding the right people, with right results for us.

It's got to the point for me now that it is no longer a search function - at least not one activated by me at a certain point in time.

It's closer to human-powered RSS. The feeds are people, and the results of their discoveries are ready filtered to be truly relevant to me.

More than that, they are delivered to me at the moment we share purpose. There's no friendspam clogging up the inbox.

It's the most relevant, fastest and most trustworthy news channel I have.

There are three examples below. Discoveries I didn't know I needed to know - and could not of consciously searched for.

If it wasn't for my communities of purpose I would not know about any of them.

Metadata shared widely to enable communities of purpose to connect is already disrupting algorithmic search - the keystone to the wealth of the world's fastest growing company in history, google.

You can be sure if it can disrupt even this, there are few corners of the economy and society which will be untouched. This is just the start.

Those examples:

Each of these were delivered to me through the community of purpose I share via Twitter:

1. Awesome presentation on the future of social networks via charlene li (delivered via a dm recommending mashable's link from Jill Simon!)
Charlene Li talks about 'air' her take on the expression of metadata beyond silos.

2. The because effect in full effect, courtesy of Monty Python.Monty Python Puts Free Video Online, Sells 23000% More DVDs

3.Honda on the value of failure (which fits nicely with my take on evolutionary models in complex adaptive systems, fitness landscapes - like the economy and the internet.

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