Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Extended version of The Power of the Network now available

Just finished editing the new extended version (2nd Edition) of my book: The Power of the Network.
It's gone from 7 chapters to 12 - from 60-pages to 100.

The download remains just 49p but the price of the paperback print version has inevitably had to rise to the heady heights of £4.98 (the earlier version was just £3.98).

Support independent publishing: buy this book on

As before - the blogger review program remains open. So if you're interested in reviewing a copy, just send me details of yourself and your blog and I'll get round to sending out to as many of you as possible (apologies for delays to some of you, I held off sending some until the 2nd edition became available).
All profits (and they are very few) will be invested in
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