Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Power of the Network: Help make the second edition

I took delivery of the first copy of my new book, The Power of the Network, last night. Quite a moment to open the package, check out the repro quality and hold in my hands, I have to admit. And it's all good. The paperback, by the way, is priced at just £3.98 if you buy it through the orange button (and below.

And I started re-reading it this morning on the train. Reminded me that the book does include my prediction that Obama would become president of the US - dated autumn 2007. I knew I'd written it down somewhere.
Inevitably, I've spotted a correction here and there I'd like to make.
So there will be a second edition - and before too long. (hint, if you want the cache of the first edition, you know what to do!)

Support independent publishing: buy this book onLulu.

So, in the meantime, I would love to hear from you about any additions you'd like included in the second edition. Perhaps there are previous blog posts you would like to see included? Perhaps there are points you'd like to see better expressed?

You can download the first edition for just 49p. The paperback is £3.98). The tiny amount of cash that comes back to me on these will go to support the activities of

And as posted previously; we have a blogger review program you're very welcome to join.

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