Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Social Media made easy

Really quick slidedeck my lot at Brando-Digital are sharing to help clients, colleagues, friends and bosses understand this social media thing.
You're welcome to share, comment and disagree as always!


  1. Looks good, very easy to follow (I normally get the urge to swap to another firefox tab during slideshares). I find that the 'micro-blogging' terminology bewilders some people and that it's often best to jump straight to 'status updates' (most people seem happy to accept the benefits of 'status updates' & regular contact with other people); have you noticed this at all?

    I probably wouldn't be too tough on the idea of 'broadcasting', though; the top twitter users are probably doing just that and paying very little attention to @replies.

  2. It's definitely getting there. I quoted some more Hugh MaCleod brilliance, plus some other research that you might find useful here:


  3. Helpful stuff, 4 myths are really powerful



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