Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Power of the Network: Your reviews

The first reviews for the Power of the Network are starting to appear - for which I'm full of gratitude.
Please take a moment to give them a read, point your friends at them, etc...
Neil Perkin at OnlyDeadFish said:
"David Cushman is one of those people that has a rare understanding of a complex subject - in his case the disruptive power of a networked world to transform business models, communications, value chains and, well just about everything."
Thanks Neil: In context here.

Anjali Ramachandran at One Size Fits One, said:
David Cushman's The Power of the Network, a collection of white papers from his blog, from that point of view passes the first test - that of having enough meat in it. The best chapter in my opinion is his explanation and exploration of Reed's Law and the Long Tail,
Thanks Anjali. In context here.

Via twitter: 
@johnfschneider Reading David Cushman's "The Power of Network" and finding it excellent.
@gleonhard: Recommends you study "The Power of the Network by David Cushman (Book) in Business & Economics" ( 
More as I discover them and they get pointed to me.

And please, if you think there's value in joining in, the blogger review program is still open, as is the win-one-to-give-to-a-friend comp which is all about doubling the value of this network we share!

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  1. It came in from Amazon very quickly and is a good read.
    I need to respond to How to Go Viral and so its got some traction here.

  2. Thanks very much David.
    Wasn't aware it had found its way to amazon! Could you send me a link?

    I do know you can buy it from - at this url:


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