Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Social Media Search

Just came across this. Thought some of you may find it useful? And it prompts me to go build me own custom version!


  1. Hi. This is a useful one, thanks for sharing. In the spirit of reciprocity, you might also love the Social Media Firehose:

    It's featured among a load of other stuff like this in a recent post I wrote about 4 methods and 40 free listening tools on my blog at

  2. Social media utilities create opportunities for the use of both inductive and deductive logic by their users. Claims or warrants are quickly transitioned into generalizations due to the manner in which shared statements are posted and viewed by all. The speed of communication, breadth, and depth, and ability to see how the words build a case solicits the use of rhetoric. Induction is frequently used as a means to validate or authenticate different users' statements and words.


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