Friday, November 21, 2008

Social Media Slideshare goodness

Delighted to say this slidedeck, which I shared in The More Digital We Become, The More Human We Become, yesterday, has been selected to be featured on the homepage of slideshare.
You can see it below. And in context, here.
Mobile's Role in Eighth Mass Media
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And while we're on the subject of sharing slides; here's a great deck from a regular member of the loosely connected community of purpose that is FasterFuture, Graeme Wood.

His slidedeck - which includes (with my whole-hearted blessing) a couple of slides from the deck above AND an investigation of the notion of The Eighth Mass Media, is a great synthesis of a lot of great social media thinking that's happening right now.

Graeme explains his deck here (which, again, will give you context).

I like the hint he gives us with his first slide. I've been saying as much myself: When we stop calling it social media and start just calling it media, then we'll know it's truly gone mainstream.

The Future Of Social Media
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And finally, Neil Perkin - another of the loosely connected nodes of fasterfuture I'm happy to say, has recently shared this deck.

It's another fine piece of human-focused thinking from Neil and, as usual, beautifully presented.

Don't say I never give you anything to do on a Friday!

By the way, if you feel you get value from FasterFuture, buy the book and pass it on :-)

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  1. Cheers for the big up David. Am reading The Power of the Network BTW so will be blogging about that when I've finished...


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